Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've always loved Fiddler on the Roof

Do You Love Me?
Jim and I crack up at this one. "I'm your wife! I know! But do you love me?"

Sunrise, Sunset
And I love, love, love this song. So much joy, so much celebration, so much remembrance all rolled into one. I think I understand it now more than ever. One day, I would love to play the role of the mother in a stage production. Can't you just see me? :-)



Roz said...

Sun Rise Sun Set, I love that song too. It has a special meaning to us because my dad sang it to me at our wedding (33 years tomorrow). He sang it just after we walked down the isle, before he gave me away. Very touching.

barb said...

Are we sisters separated at birth? Just askin'