Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day

This picture was taken last year as we walked in the Alzheimer's Association Walk in Bricktown in honor of my father who passed away in November. You can read about that here.

The reason I picked it for this post is husband Jim has shown me how a dad impacts the lives of his children. How he shows them the love of God, how he protects and provides for them.  These were not things I experienced with my own dad, but I'm so blessed to have experienced them through my husband.

You may not know that Jim's dad was not a part of his life for most of his life. Jim didn't have a healthy upbringing to show him how to be a dad. He didn't have fatherly wisdom imparted to him on a regular basis. He grew up in a single parent home with a vacant father. He saw him rarely, lived with him only shortly, and until a few years before his dad's death, didn't have a relationship with him at all. 

But my husband loves God. He has grown, studied, humbled himself, changed and through all of this, God has blessed him with a father's heart. My daughters have seen it happen, just ask them.

So Happy Father's Day, Jim!


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barb said...

Yes, happy father's day to Jim. a fine example of a daddy.

lv y'all,