Monday, May 18, 2009

what a month!

I can't believe it's been over a month, "time flies" doesn't even begin to touch it.

Anyway, I've more fully explored the community of Twitter this month. Attended a tweet-up for moms and met some excellent, in-touch women with lives like mine. Most of their lives include small children still and all I can say is wow! I can't imagine living at this pace and still being a mom to small kiddos. I was blessed to be with my kids without working when they were small. Not sure I would have been very good at being the everything mom. Kudos ladies!!

It is always interesting to me to observe the power of social media. "Knowing" people I've never actually met in real life. Having commonalities and conversations with a wide range of people while sitting in my office or holding my phone. Quite odd really.

I've also seen this phenom through the eyes of a couple of men from Kenya this week. Explaining things like social media, Walmart, storage facilities, etc. to these men have been quite a challenge.

How do you explain the concept of friendship with people you have never met except on twitter? How do you explain that we live so far apart we only stay in touch with family over the internet? How do you explain to someone who lives in a mud hut with a thatch roof that in America we have so much stuff we have to rent storage facilities outside our homes to hold our excess stuff? How do you explain that it isn't just about the green beans you need for dinner, it's about the brand of green beans you prefer? Del Monte or Green Giant or the store brand or generic?

I feel both very blessed and very humbled. It has once again put my life back into a world perspective.

Count your blessings
name them one by one
Count your blessings
see what God has done.

And then complain or feel sorry for yourself, I double dog dare you.


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