Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Do I ever really want an empty nest?

I have found the greatest joys in life come from the relationships I have invested in with those I love, know, meet or have acquaintance.

I love being a wife and mom. Being an aunt is great. I look forward to being a mom-in-law and nana.

Our younger daughter moved out this weekend. The house is quiet. It's not that I mind the quiet and having time to myself and with my hubbie. I love to read and spending time in my artspace. I love a clean house. I love low maintenance.

But I miss the activity of life and people. Maybe that's why we have invited a young friend to live with us for several months as he completes school. He is on his own in many ways, finishing college to become a special ed teacher. Next semester is student teaching, finishing classes and work isn't fitting in very well. His desire is no debt, ours is too. I'm looking forward to helping him out. I'm looking forward to the activity returning.

Not that life isn't busy enough, it is. I'm really blessed we can make this offer. Maybe more than he is. Time will tell.


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