Tuesday, June 13, 2006

new country and western song...

"for a fat girl, you've got great knees." Catchy, toe tapping tune...what do you think?

Believe it or not, this is good news. I injured my knee about a month ago on the job and I've had doctor's appointments and an mri and today the results were for a fat girl, you've got great knees! No permanent damage, no significant arthritis or roughness in the joints. I am truly gr8tful today.

The dear doctor did recommend weight loss and increased exercise. Increased, hmmm, is more than nothing increased? So okay, I know I need to change this size of mine. But hey, don't all great songs come out of ache? Oh that's heart ache...oh well. I still think i may have a winner.

"There's a lot of you to hang on to. A butt the size of Timbuktu and arms that sway in the summer breeze but For a fat girl, you've got great knees." maybe Rascal Fatts would sing it for me... :-)

1 comment:

barb said...

such an uplifting song, don't cha think? My lord! What were they thinkin?
anyway....SO HAPPY that you have great knees, G. that is really good news. :)