Tuesday, May 30, 2006

you can't go home again...

I never really understood this statement. I mean, if you can't go home again, where can you go? But you know something, I recently drove past our old house. We've only been gone 8 weeks, but I almost didn't recognize it. When we lived there the house was slate blue with a red front door. The flower beds were full of hydrangeas and roses and rose of sharon. A weeping mulberry and some small shrubs backed up the flowers with some green and some cool shapes.
The house is now beige. All over. There is nothing in the flower beds but one tree and rocks. It looks very,... well,... dull! No color, no flowers, no flavor at all! I would hate to see the inside. Is my red kitchen now white? Is my yellow front room beige? Are the drapes still there? I can't think about it anymore. I have a new pallette to color and shape and I'll leave the old one to the beige people. I hope they are happy in their colorless spaces. I won't drive by again. Watch out easy street, the paint is coming and I'm mowing down the monkey grass!!


Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Nooooooo, Don't mow the monkey grass. Harvest it and make hand rolled monkey grass cigars. You'll make a ton of money!!!!

barb said...

The house's new owners have done some things in the flower beds since your post, G, but the landscape is very...formal...and tasteful, but not lively and eclectic. Your new house will be "you" and I can't wait to see how you infuse the space around you with your own tastes. I just know it has become more beautiful already...even in your short time on Easy Street. Enjoy!