Thursday, May 25, 2006

Remember when...

you didn't have a cell phone? or more, you didn't have an answering machine? or call waiting? the phone rang or you got a busy signal. if it rang your ring, my grandma was on a party line and she had a special ring that wasn't her neighbors ring who shared the same phone line. and if it rang and no one was home, it just kept ringing and you knew to call back later.

you didn't have a computer? or more, no one you knew had one? mail only came from the post office.

I sometimes miss those simpler times. And yet, as I was sitting on my back porch in my rocking chair working on my yearly work budget on my wifi laptop and checking my email while having my cell phone on the table next to me, I am also grateful I don't have to do ledgers or the 8 to 5 at a desk.

So I guess I'll keep the technology and just learn the power of the off button when looking for simpler times. After all, I'm still in control, right?

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