Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bucket List

I've been hearing a lot about bucket lists recently. So I think I'm going to start one.

My Bucket List
Go to Nepal and help Rinzi & Nanni Bette (my daughter's in-laws)
Go to Australia.
Go to Hawaii.
Take a cross-country road trip.
Ride with a storm chaser.
Go to NYC and see a Broadway show I love.
Go to Scotland with my husband and buy him a kilt in his family's tartan.
Take my kids and grandkids (someday) to Disney World as a family.
Perform in a musical.
Write a book.
Ride the train to Ft. Worth.

to be continued...

I'm noticing there is a lot of going on my list. I LIKE it!! It's even better when you include friends. :-)


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