Monday, August 30, 2010


So the subject of Thanksgiving came up yesterday. What the plans were, where we would be, who would be there....

Made me reflect on how it used to be. My extended family was not close by in childhood. We always lived away from everyone so holidays were about the only time we really got to see them. And it was always an extended occasion. We would travel to the grandparents, join up with the aunts, uncles and cousins and we would visit. Hang out. Do stuff. Then, Thanksgiving Day would arrive and we'd cook and eat. Well, they would cook and then we'd eat, I was still a kid after all. I had no real appreciation for the effort that was involved in feeding that monstrous crowd!

And then we'd hang out a couple more days and then journey back home.

It seems Thanksgiving has somehow gotten sandwiched between our busy days, our Christmas planning and it just doesn't get the focus it once had. We spend one day, or even one part of a day, being thankful, eating, visiting and then we're off! It's Christmas time, the music on the radio changes, the stores change, the news is full of shopper news, and so are the papers!

Just for the record, I don't shop the Friday after Thanksgiving. I know that surprises you. :-)

So this year, I want to do something different. I want to slow down, be thankful, hang with friends and family. I'm open to suggestions, invitations, whatever...

What do you want Thanksgiving to look like this year?


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