Saturday, October 03, 2009

Looking at Life

My life has been defined by so many stages.

I was a kid for a while. I was a teenager, but only until 16.

My parents divorced, we moved to another state and my mom and I became roommates, sharing the responsibilities, bills and raising of my 11 year old sister. I ceased being a kid and quickly became an adult working 35 hours a week and finishing high school. We survived.

I went to college at 18, married at 19, became a mom at 20. I was then a wife and mom. Staying at home when many women were "having it all, being it all". At 22, I had my second daughter and life was defined.

My children are now 22 and 25. I am now an empty-nester. I work full-time. I'm a wife. I'm an aunt, sister, daughter and care-taker of my alzheimers dad. Some day I maybe a mother-in-law, maybe a grandmother.

But most of all, I'm just me. The things in my life and throughout my life God has used to shape me. I haven't always liked me, but I'm liking me more than ever. I've been given so much, filled with so much, and I'm really glad I'm at the point of life that I enjoy sharing what I have to offer. I really do love my life. It's not always pretty, but it's mine.

I'll keep it and I'll be me. Are you glad you are you?


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Tootie said...

I'm glad you are you, too, Glynis! And I am oh-so-glad to be ME!! :)

Thanks for this post. <3