Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Official

I've recently joined the Okie Bloggers, as you can see to your left, and I somehow feel more official now.

I've blogged about many things during my time with a blog. Gators, kids, marriage, alzheimers, boyscouts, faith and just stuff. I blog to put my thoughts about things somewhere I can find them. If you have read them along the way, that's the bonus for me.

I named my blog Ramblings of a creative mind unleashed because I am sort of random. I have often said I have a trivial mind, I know little bits about a lot of things. Enough to be dangerous so I've heard. :-)'s randomness is laughter. I love a good laugh. I follow The Pioneer Woman mostly because she makes me laugh. She lives her life with remarkable humor and joy. I enjoy that a great deal.

I also enjoy my friends Dwayne and Barb. They like to laugh, a lot! We play cards monthly and I never leave their company without at least one good guffaw! Here they are...

My friend Ellen is also a favorite to have a giggle with. The first time her daughter-in-law met me, we were so caught in the throws of laughter, she thought we were drunk. We weren't. We don't need to be...although being a little tired does help, we just get funnier and funnier. :-)

So here's my advice today -- go have a good laugh! Laughter is the Best Medicine according to Reader's Digest and to me. Life is tough and hard and God has given us the gift of laughter as a release. Give yourself the gift of laughter today. If you can't find it yourself, maybe this will help, my GIFT to you.


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barb said...

love you, glynis. there is nothing like the good medicine of laughter.

Hope your heart is merry today,