Thursday, September 10, 2009


Have you ever thought about how you respond to encouragement? I hadn't really until today.

I am sometimes embarrassed by encouragement. I am sometimes a little overwhelmed by it. Sometimes, I miss it because no one noticed. Mostly, I try to share encouraging words with other people because I love to encourage others.

I love to say good job, you look great, I appreciate you. I love to tell my kids I'm proud of them, they are so great, they are so smart, so beautiful, such great people.

I love to tell my husband he is my hero, my best friend, my support. I love telling him I'm proud of him. I love how hard he works and what good care he takes of me.

I don't know why receiving compliments or encouragement is so difficult. I feel so warm when I do receive it. I think I believe it, I think I even like it.

Today I was told I was talented and creative. Immediately, in my head, I said "oh sure, anyone can do what I do. I'm really not that special, he's just being nice." and then I thought "I believe him on everything else, why doubt he's being sincere now" and in the 2.5 seconds it took for all these thoughts to run through my head, I also remembered to say "thank you, that means a lot to me" out loud. As the words left my mouth, I wondered if I actually believed them. I took a little time to let them sink in. You know what, I do believe them. I am talented and creative. Other people can do what I do and some of them, even better. But that doesn't lessen the truth that I also do them well. I have been blessed by God with certain gifts and talents, I will use them to bring him glory and to feel his joy.

So here goes. I will be more encouraging and I will learn to receive encouragement in a more gracious, accepting way.

How about you? Thanks for reading my blog. I hope it's a blessing to you.


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jenX said...

yes, it's always a blessing. i'm the worst at accepting compliments and encouragement.