Thursday, August 06, 2009

More Pictures...

The children of Kenya are captivating! The ones that live along the road near our compound have begun to recognize our vans. They start yelling "Jambo!! Give us sweets" as soon as they hear us coming.

Their smiles are bright against their little dark faces and the worries of the world you begin to see on the older children, teenagers and adults have yet to bring the signs of concern to their little faces.

As they walk to school, their bright uniforms contrast against the constant green of this tropical world and the brown of the streets and shops lining the roads.

The traffic here is constant and crazy! People, animals, vehicles, carts, bicycles, motorcycles are all vying for the same space and at a rapid pace. Honking horns are used as a communication tool and the side of the road is their social networking space. Cell phones are abundant, even in the midst of rubble and chaos. Quite a juxtaposition of my little corner of the world.

We are so blessed.



Drey said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful people! I wanna go...

Anonymous said...

Jambo is Swahili and a common African greeting of hello.