Thursday, January 22, 2009

today is my dad's 70th birthday...

so i thought i'd give him a call and wish him Happy Birthday!

and here's how it went:

~phone picked up, fumble, cuss~

d: hello?
g: Hi daddy it's Glynis
d: oh well hello there
g: i wanted to call and say Happy Birthday!
d: why?
g: because today is your birthday, you're 70!
d: you're 70?
g: no, you are. Happy Birthday!
d: ok, and also, those, you know, um, walk things, um, :cussing:, well, they broke and I need new. ok?
g: sure dad, we'll take care of it...and Happy Birthday!
d: what? is it your birthday?
g: no dad, it's yours, you are 70.
d: you're 70?
g: yes dad, love you. bye now
d: ok, be careful

~hang up~

anyway, Happy Birthday dad, you're 70 and i wish you all the best.


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Valarie said...

This is funny! God love him. :)