Saturday, February 23, 2008

automatic carwashes

i think that the drive through automatic car wash is a treasure. you go in one end with a filthy car and come out the other end with a shiny clean car. in between you are sprayed and spun and brushed and washed and even waxed(if you upgrade!).

so after all our recent weather, my black car was looking pretty grungy. this morning, i decided to take it through the carwash on my way to dad's house. so i did. jumped on the turnpike in my spiffy clean car and headed to el reno.

before i got 4 miles into the journey, it started sprinkling. then stopped. the sun came out. then it rained. my nice clean car stills looks better than it did, but the wet roads will soon change that.

so anyway, i've told you that to let you know what God showed me. do you know, when i run through the auto wash, it's only the outside of my car that gets clean? the inside still carries the dirt, trash, dog hair, uneaten french fries, etc. that was there when the car was dirty.

but with God, He goes for the full detail. He wants me clean through and through. He doesn't just wash my outside and send me on my merry way to get rained on so i have to come back. He starts on the inside and works His way out. He scrubs the carpet of my heart that has collected the dirt of sin and pain and whatever else. He cleans the dashboard of my mind that has had to much stuff set on it, spilled on it and not been dusted. He cleans around the buttons of my will, my emotion, my thoughts, my desires.... By the time He is done, i am water repellent and smelling fresh like Him. and He houses me in the garage of his love, grace, mercy, sacrifice and protection. AND His clean lasts forever...

may seem strange to you, but it spoke to me today. God spoke to me today.


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sandina said...

I love God stories!