Monday, June 25, 2007

last days....

what would you do if you were told you had days to live?

i've been pondering this thought a great deal. my father-in-law has been given days to live.

i wonder what he's thinking.

i'd like to think if i only had days, i would spend them with the people i love, telling them how much i have loved them, remembering all the times we've had together, looking through pictures, telling funny stories, asking for forgiveness, leaving them with hope for the future, reminding them of God's overwhelming grace and mercy, provision and protection all through my life and theirs.

then it hit me. i do only have days to live. one at a time. each spent wisely or unwisely. carefully or foolishly. in love and grace or not. witness to my awesome Lord or my foolishness.

how will i live this day?


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