Monday, January 16, 2006

do you live in filth and squalor?

I didn't think I did either. Then I put my house on the market. every dust bunny, every cob web, every minute imperfection in my home now seems to be under a magnifying glass. I've turned into the cleaning screaming mimi and no dust mite is safe! the thought of perfectly lovely, potential buyers walking through my house, opening cabinets, closets and drawers has brought me to a place I have never lived; the perfectionist's home.

All I have to say is this house better sell soon or so help me, Mr. Clean is going to get it!! and his little scrubbing bubbles too!!!


OurayDreamer said...

Be careful what you hope for...after the sale comes the, gulp... moving! And, all the boxes and newspapers everywhere...and, the thing you need most at this very moment is nowhere!

Actually, we send prayers and well wishes your way for a quick, lucrative sale and an easy, seamless move. In the same city or will your family be moving elsewhere?

gr8fulg said...

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes, I treasure them all. If we move where we're hoping to, we will be living on Easy Street, literally! Edmond, here we come!