Monday, November 18, 2013

I love to live life with you.

This morning I was catching up on some reading and came across these two articles I'd saved for later. Although they aren't really related, today they were for me. I'm in a gr8fulg state of mind. 

These are dedicated to my husband of 30 years, the most wonderfully boring man ever (read the articles) and to my daughters. I've just loved watching you love, live, dance, play, achieve, fail, BE.  

I'm praying each one of you reading this will be reminded of someone in your life in each of these articles and you'll shed a tear, too. 


Redefining Boring

6 Words You Should Say


Sherrie said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Roz said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the two other posts. I love my boring husband of 36 years. I can't wait to tell him how much I love watching him, and his accomplishments. It's so simple, thank you. (she says, wiping the tears from her eyes)

barb hendrickson said...

Thanks, g.
love you, friend