Friday, January 11, 2013

Mrs. B

I recently went to Chandler, OK to watch a marionette show. I took with me 2 of my favorite ladies. Mrs. B and my mom.

Mrs. B created the marionettes used in the show. They are historical characters and a work of love. Most were created from just looking at pictures, translated to 3-D through her amazing imagination and creativity. From the choice of the wood to the last stitch in the outfit, Mrs. B completed this project so children in Chandler could learn OK history in an interesting and educational way.

The museum in Chandler is quaint and charming. Worth the trip to step back in time. I loved being with mom and Mrs. B for this trip. It was so special to see her honored by the museum and the children whose lives she has blessed.

Like mine. Mrs. B has been in my life all of my life. She has known my mother since she was 16. I remember coming to OK and going to visit her. Always felt so welcomed, loved, and pretty close to perfect in her eyes.

She has supported us in the fun times, the hard times and in the in-betweens. I'm so glad my girls have had the chance to know her. 4 generations of friendship. Pretty cool.


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barb said...

That's very cool! Glad to see you posting. ;)
Love ya!