Friday, August 05, 2011


You know that moment you think you know, that moment you have a plan, that very moment you lift your foot to take the next step and WHAM!!?? I had one of those this week.

I've been waiting on the Lord to show me His plan. He gave me Exodus 14:14 as an encouragement to know he was at work on my behalf. It says "The Lord will fight for you and you have only to be silent." So I have been, until now.

Before you worry, it's all good. It's all God.

I have a new job. Not the one I thought I'd have on Tuesday, the one I interviewed for. But a new one with Reaching Souls that before yesterday, didn't exist.

They made is just for me. God made it just for me.

I am now the Director of Children in Need, the orphan ministry of Reaching Souls. This ministry has been in existence since 1996, but until yesterday, it wasn't a primary focus.

Now, that's all changing. Reaching Souls will still be focused on National Missionaries, but I will be focused on Children in Need.

Children in Need places orphans in homes with families. Not orphanages, not centers, but homes with a parent or parents, to grow up with siblings. Monitored through the local church, these kids are cared for, fed, educated and a member of a family.

God is so good and I am excited!



barb said...

praising God for who HE is.....Oh, Lord....You are GOOD.


The Lamas said...

And we're so proud of you!!! Love you mom!

Sherry said...

this is great Glynis