Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday in the Toilet...

It's not what you think. We actually celebrated my mom's 71st birthday this past Saturday by putting in a new kitchen faucet and buying and installing a new toilet for her.

Party Animals, I know. :-)

Mom lives on Social Security, she can't afford the extras. After the recent heart events, we wanted to celebrate her birthday while keeping it low key for her.

Her toilet was leaking, it was old, so it seemed like a good surprise. She told my daughter this was her best birthday ever. Her heart is strong, her family was around her, her faucet works and she has a new toilet.

Life is good. And sometimes, it is the simple things.


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barb said...

Oh my, that was MUCH more important than game day!! I didn't know it was her birthday, dang it! I'll have to send her a belated b-day cards filled with LOTS of confetti! ;)