Wednesday, April 13, 2011



So if you haven't heard our news, we are now the proud family of a rescued pooch named Dexter. We think he's a Chiweenie, he's very sweet and we couldn't be more happy with him.

He was found at a grocery store on a busy street and although he had a flea collar on, he had no other identification. After days on Craig's list, facebook, twitter and other spots, no calls. We know this little guy was someone's pet, he's too good. But no he's a member of our family now.

It's quite an adjustment going  from our first dog, Suki, 100 pound akita to Dexter. He's tiny!! Maybe 5 pounds?

Oh, and he's a boy. An un-neutered boy. And that has provided some consternation and some hilarious laughter! We'll be changing this state for him next Tuesday. Along with shots and a microchip. He's a fast little booger and we don't want to lose him like his first family did.

So all in all, an easy transition. If you want to meet him, I recommend post-surgery...he's a little extra-friendly right now. :-)


So here is the PSA part of the post...Have your animals spayed/neutered and please, get them microchipped. If you need financial help with these services, go here.


barb said...

Dexter is a little doll, even in his current "reproductive status" lol
So happy and blessed for you.


jackie said...

I know your little Dexter is proud to call you his new mom and dad!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Miss seeing you guys!