Saturday, August 09, 2008

one week down, one to go...

the really good news is, i have accomplished everything i wanted to before i left. the bad news is, i still have a week to go! oh well....

there are huge parts of the job i will miss:
...meeting people i would never meet otherwise...Renee Fleming, Art Garfunkel, Bebe Neuwirth, Pink least most of them have been really nice and excellent to work with.
...the great people i work with at the phil. small team of dedicated, power-house people who are never going to be paid what they are worth, never going to be appreciated like they should be, and do it anyway to keep the music alive.
...and the special people i've met along the way. you know who you are.

i am excited about the new challenges to come and the growth opportunities they will provide. when i think that the average life span in africa is 43 and the median age is 16, how can i not have a driving force within me to fulfill God's purpose and go into all the world and introduce them to Jesus. they may never have another chance. today may be their last. or mine. or yours. Do you know my Jesus? He loves you and wants most of all for you to know Him too. that's all. just say yes Jesus.


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