Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rock on!!!

so thursday night i pull into the driveway and my phone rings. i hear jim's voice and words i've never heard him say. after 25 years together, he says "i need to go to the hospital". so i run in the house, get jim and a trashcan and we get to mercy hospital asap! after a couple of questions, an iv and a cat scan, it's determined that jim is giving birth to a kidney stone. after much drugs and a call to the urologist, we come home.

next day, we go to the doctor and he says outpatient procedure. we go back to mercy hospital, another iv, more drugs and now he has a stint in his ureter because the stone is too large to grab and won't move on its own.

this is all i'm allowed to show you of his manly "kilt" and man booties!!!

anyway, so we'll be off to the doctor's office again this week for more treatment. something to do with soundwaves, i hope jim likes rock and roll!!!



Sandina said...

That doesn't sound like much fun. Hopefully they can get it out without putting Jim through too much.

barb said...

This looks so sad, I guess we'll have to let the men win at cards this month, Glynis.

Hope everything came out all right!