Monday, July 16, 2007

vegased out baby....

spent 4 days and 3 nights in the city that doesn't sleep and is never is amazing to me the amount of action going on in this city. and the days of the family friendly vegas are over. people still bring their kids, but i don't know why. topless pools, topless shows, legal prostitution, gambling and SMOKE....not my idea of a kid friendly arena. the little guys looked completely overwhelmed most of the time and i don't blame them. if you're gonna spend that much on vacation, go to DisneyWorld!!

but we had a good time, ate good food, stayed in a luxurious hotel, Caesars, (with a wonderful bathtub), all in all a very nice trip. the flight home left something to be desired, but at least it was the flight home...

and did you know Elvis is alive!!!?!!! Well, I've heard rumors to the contrary, but I saw him on my plane from Vegas to Denver...NEVER pack your camera, you never know when you'll need proof of something!!!


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PrincessofLife said...

The last time I went to Vegas I told my girlfriend that it felt like it was all pretty and glitzy but if you poked a hole in the sidewalk black ooze would come out. Kind of a metaphor for lot's of things in this world.

I did have fun while I was there, saw Barry Manillow, now that was cool!